Hard Surface Modeling Blast Doors in Cinema 4D

Looking to brush up on some hard surface modeling skills in C4D? Wolfgang Rode, also known as “contrafibbularities” recently posted a series that looks at building the classic science fiction stand-by — Modeling blast doors, using C4D hard surface modeling techniques.

“I recorded these videos some years ago in Cinema 4D R14, but they still apply to both older and newer versions of Cinema 4D.” Wolfgan says about the tutorials. The modeling blast doors series totals 7 videos and runs about 3 hours long, so if you really want to dig into hard surface work using Sub-D, this will be a great follow along for you.

While on the subject of Sub-D modeling and hard surface work in C4D, it’s important to remember Shane Benson’s series on the subject. Shane has covered creating some challenging shapes and tried to solve some sticky situations with a wide range of tutorials. You can see Shane’s Sub-D modeling tutorials here.