How to Route Edges in C4D to Get Nice Quad Topology

Shane Benson Shows Some Methods for Getting Quad Topology With Sub-D Modeling in C4D.

Is quad topology something that you strive for when modeling with Sub-D’s in Cinema 4D? Sticking to quads is a challenge with each new project, and there is a multitude of ways to get around the challenge of eliminating n-sides and triangles. Shane Benson adds a new instalment to his long-running Sub-D modeling in Cinema 4D series, that looks into some methods for routing edges to get nice quad topology each time.

You only need a handful of tools in any 3D program to build anything. Tools become irrelevant when modeling complex objects, especially when talking about sub-d methods. So the skill usually is more in finding clever ways to route edges than it is a quest for more powerful tools. Benson shows a few different ways to route edges to get the all-quad goals met with a few everyday situations that can arise when modeling.