How to Maintain Sharp Corners on a Curved Surface in C4D

Mario Brajdich Shows a Technique for Making Seams with Sharp Corners on a Smooth Curved Surface.

You don’t need to be into hard surface modeling very long to know that adding manufacturing seams can elevate a design. Seams are a great way to add realistic details, but seams can also be notorious to manage. When working with smooth curved surfaces, it can be difficult to keep sharp corners while maintaining the original surface as smooth.

There is no one right answer for these kinds of challenges. Offering a take on how to maintain sharp corners on a model is Mario Brajdich (Elementza) who demonstrates the benefits and hindrances of using specific solutions.

Mario has a course called the HARD SURFACE 3D MODELING WORKSHOP that aims toward getting beginners started with hard surface modeling using Cinema 4D.

“In this live interactive online workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of creating 3D models with polygon modeling techniques. Lectures will walk you through the various production techniques of creating both simple and complex forms. We will cover the basic toolset in Cinema 4D, and you will benefit from lectures about the technical and aesthetic issues that modelers face while modeling manufactured objects.”