Valley of the Kith

‘Valley of the Kith’ is a passion project created using primarily using Adobe products. The intriguing, high-adrenaline video-game-style piece extends the capabilities of animation by pushing the boundaries of Element 3D, while capitalising on the available resources of After Effects and other Adobe products.

With the bulk of the work completed by one designer working across just ten weeks, Valley of the Kith is a demonstration of quality design, balanced with efficiency and innovation. This is just a fraction of the human output required to execute such a project using traditional methods.

Three additional designers assisted with asset modeling for two weeks each. We built the ships elsewhere, using 3D Studio, and the cloth dynamics using C4D. We were able to source a lot of free and relatively cheap 3D models that were also used in the construction of full scenes inside Element 3D – such as the garage and the mining structure which are seen at the start of the sequence.

The 3D characters created using Adobe Fuse and animated using Mixamo. We used C4D to place new helmets onto the characters that we purchased from Turbosquid.

All of the primary work including design, animation, lighting, and rendering and compositing was all done inside Adobe After Effects and Element 3D.

We hope you enjoy this emotive, action-packed cinematic sequence!

Director / Producer / Concept
Callan Woolcock

Steven Bradshaw

3D Artists
Jess Herrera
Dileepa Solangaarachchi
Mary Jade Ngo

Design / Animation
Callan Woolcock

Denis Tunguz aka. ‘Exosonic’

Sound Design
Callan Woolcock