Get Better Control from Deformers using Vertex Maps in C4D

Cinema 4D deformers can be great for modeling, but they are essential for animation. Larger-scale deformers easily handle bends and the like, but smaller scale deformers such as jiggle can be great to add some automatic secondary motion in your animations. Vertex maps can help you with that too.

You wouldn’t want to place a jiggle deformer on the whole character that you re animating, only certain parts. For example, if you re animating a flying bird, having the feathers at the tips of the wing jittering from the wind can add a lot to the animation. You can restrict which parts of the model are receive the jiggle deformer by using vertex maps to paint influence. You can then set the deformer to use that vertex map to better control what parts get the most jiggle out of the deformer. Vertex maps to the rescue!