BPainter Unifies Texture Painting in Blender

Blender has some nice brush-based tools and painting tools that can be used throughout the application. They can also be used for texture painting. Thing is, the workflow might be a little clunky. You need to go and find things before you can use them. This is where a new add-on for blender can make life much better for texture painting in blender.

BPainter offers a nice and simple unification of all the tool that you will need for texture painting in Blender. BPainter has been in development for a while, by Andreas Esau. Instead of constantly switching between panels and menus when texture painting, BPainter places everything you nee in one panel.

The Blender add-on carries photoshop-like brushes scheme as well as incorporating a familiar layers stack. With all of the features that are available in BPainter, it should make painting much more straight forward and more efficient.

Visit Andreas Esau’s Patreon page for more information on BPainter. You can also download it there for a small subscription fee of $3.