How to Make Multilayered Materials Using Vertex Maps in C4D

Silverwing shows off the power of working with procedural materials using Vertex Maps.

Raphael Rau recently did a talk and live demo at UsByNight 2019 that covered creating realistic materials using procedural techniques. Although that demo has no recording, Rau chose to create this video that shows off the precesses. Rau dives into using a node-base material system (Octane in this case) along with Vertex Maps in Cinema 4D to create realistic multilayered materials.

Vertex maps have long been a powerful resource for artists in Cinema 4D. They allow you to do a lot of things, and with the advent of Fields, are even more powerful. Vertex maps are also handy for texturing tasks such as adding wear-and-tear to your models. Check out this tutorial from Joren Kandel that shows how to gain more control over textures.