Getting Started With bhGhost Onion Skinning for Maya

bhGhost is a very useful (and free) onion-skin tool for Maya animators. It is one of the most useful tools for Maya animators. It was created by Artist and animator Brian Horgan who felt that onion skinning wasn’t as easy as it should be.

The tool has gone through some changes over the four years since it first hit animator’s computers. As a result, bhGhost has become a really feature-rich tool, but most of the feature examples and demonstrations are scattered throughout a few videos.

Brian recognized this and has provided everyone a new showcase that packs all of the features into one short video. “this video gives a quick overview of all current features and is intended as a quick start for anyone using it for the first time or anyone who has been using it for a while and wants to catch up on all of the latest features” Brian mentions.

If you are more familiar with older versions of bhGhost, or are new to the onion skinning script in Maya, this is a great way to get caught up, or to get started.

Even if you feel that you are pretty proficient with the ghost tool, there are plenty of nice tips in the video that might have you working with it more efficiently. bhGhost is free to download and use. Visit the bhGhost page for more information.