Save Color and Spline Ramps Across Houdini Sessions

Houdini Artist Nick Taylor shares a Houdini Digital Asset that can help you manage presets for color ramps and spline ramps. Houdini lets you manage color swatches with the color editor, but there is no real good way to manage multiple colors, gradients, themes and the like.

Nick’s Houdini Ramp Manager was designed to solve that problem. Ramp Manager is a Python based HDA that allows you to save out both color and spline ramps to reuse. The asset was developed to work on a “disposable” SOP level, so that you can use it quickly to forward a ramp reset somewhere else on the network and then get rid of the asset or keep it around.

With it, you can forward ramps from the asset onto any other node and perform some common ramp manipulations. “I’ve personally used it to save visualizers (heat-map, blackbody etc), spline ease functions and many project-specific color schemes.” Nick mentions.

The asset is available as part of a larger library of Digital Assets, Presets and Scripts for SideFX Houdini, called Aelib, or you can download it on its own here.