H-Particle Gives You Houdini Particles Right in C4D

Rhymage’s new H-Particle HDA lets you use Houdini’s Particles right in Cinema 4D.

The Houdini Engine allows you to use Houdini Digital Assets in a lot of other DCC’s, including Cinema 4D. There is a lot of benefit to that beyond a department workflow environment. As an example, a new Houdini Asset (HDA) from Rhymage lets you use Houdini’s particle features right in Cinema 4D.

H-Particle for Cinema 4D.

H-Particle gives users the ability to work with Houdini particles in C4D’s viewport. The HDA offers all the speed and convenience of working with Houdini particle systems. H-Particle has support for Turbulence, Curve Force, Axis Force, and Noise Fields, providing an easy way to work and manage particle animation.

Get H-Particle.

You need Houdini Engine (Free) installed in a Cinema 4D R21 or higher. If you meet those requirements, then get H-Particle HDA here.