Create Non-Standard Grid Patterns for You Mesh in C4D

A standard mesh is quadrangles. Equal squares that set out a pattern for your 3D objects. Technically everything is triangles in the end, really. It would be relevant to create other patterns rather than the standard quad grid that we are all too familiar with.

how you can create alternative forms with different deformers and object tools

A few hard surface modeling techniques can benefit from a little creativity in making non standard grid patterns, not to mention just plain design.

There are a couple of ways that you can create non-standard grid patterns, using simple tools and a few tricks. In Cinema 4D, it can all be built procedurally too. Watch 3D Visualization, Branding and Motion Designer Jorgen Haland walk through creating alternative forms. Jørgen shows a few techniques using deformers and simple object tools. Also shown is how you can work with Entagma’s Dual Graph Voronoi remeshing plugin for C4D.