Stroke-It for Houdini Gets New Autotrace Feature

Will MacNeil’s Houdini Asset now can convert images into 3D paint strokes.

If you’ve never heard of Stroke-It, it’s a Houdini Asset that creates realistic oil painting strokes that are physically in 3D space. The strokes have a 3D depth to them, much like thick paint on a canvas.

Stroke-It 3D Paint Stokes

Stroke-it is a Houdini setup that creates fairly realistic oil paint strokes that follow curves drawn by the user. The paint tool has intuitive controls that attempt to mimic the traits of real-world paint strokes, like bristle marks, buildup, color blending, and rough, jagged strokes.

Autotrace Anything.

A new update to Stroke-It offers an auto trace feature. Autotrace a fast and effective way to convert images into paintings. Stroke-it 1.5 comes with an example set and a detailed explanation about how to use the new feature.

It’s a free update to anyone who previously purchased Stroke-it. Just download it. “Please keep your earlier install of Stroke-it, just in case there are compatibility issues,” MacNeil notes.

Stroke-It Availability

Stroke-it is available via Gumroad as a Houdini Scene.

About Will MacNeil

Will MacNeil is a 3D artist and CG Design Director at The Mill in London. Will’s career spans work for feature films, documentaries, advertising, applications, and experiential. Among his many mistakes, Will decided to pickup skateboarding in his mid-40s.