How to Use SynthEyes for 360VR Stabilization

Visual Effects’ tracking tools have been adding in features for working with 360VR footage lately.  Both Mocha Pro and SynthEyes have hurriedly added features for the VR Pipeline, very reminiscent of when “stereo” features were incorporated when 3D became the norm.

SynthEyes has made efforts to support the entire 360 VR workflow, from stabilization to tracking and insetting objects to native 360VR Solving.

Here, Russ the Andersson in Andersson Technologies offers up an introduction to stabilizing footage for 360 VR in SynthEyes. The walkthrough shows how important it is to stabilize footage from moving camera’s for 360VR work. Russ uses a sequence that was shot from an ultra-light aircraft (courtesy 360Rize), and then exports the result of that stabilization from SynthEyes to After Effects.