New Syntheyes Gets April Tags Support

Andersson Technologies releases a new version of Syntheyes that includes support for April Tags.

Syntheyes 2106 added support for April Tags, an open-source visual fiducial system for camera calibration, AR, and robotics. The new release of Syntheyes can automatically recognize April Tags and allow you to use them as markers in your footage. Syntheyes has always pushed the envelope in terms of technology, and this latest release is no exception.

New “AprilTags” support automatically determines the identity, position, and orientation of unique QR-code patterns. You can use the tags to aligning multiple scenes consistently and for some simple, easy moving-object tracking.



Also of note is that SynthEyes now offers translation options for 25 languages. Many of the tooltips and menus, script names, and even user interface controls will display in the language of your choice.