SynthEyes Adds Neural-Net Tracking Algorithms

SynthEyes Adds Neural-Net Tracking Algorithms

Andersson Technologies updates SynthEyes to include new neural-net-based automatic and supervised tracking approaches.

We’ve all seen the examples in the advancements in artificial intelligence. Most of us are waiting for products to incorporate some into workflows. Some apps like Photoshop and others already use some AI, and now we can add SynthEyes to that list.

The latest version of SyntEyes, Andersson Technologies’ 3-D tracking, and match-moving application has some help from new neural-network-based automatic and supervised tracking routines. You can update the neural models in SynthEyes like you can scripts. For example, in addition to neural models for tracking, there are models for X-shaped tape tracking marks and processing checkerboard lens grids.

Additional highlights of the new 2004 version include:

  • New Lighting-Invariant tracking mode for supervised trackers for more robustness to lighting changes. This mode is ON by default.
  • New File/Export/Lens/Image Preprocessor Preset as Script
  • List, control, drag, and clone splines in the Hierarchy View, including from one camera to another (for example, stereo shots).
  • New “Lens/De-zoom in image preprocessor” script to remove small residual zooms (eg, focus hunting) in stabilized footage by equalizing the average radius of all trackers visible on the current frame and each other frame.
  • You now need CentOS 7 for Linux (or equivalent versions in other distros). Note that GTK2 libraries are still required.
  • RED updated to 7.2.1 including Komodo support
  • A large number of additional improvements and bug fixes.


Pricing and Availability

The new version is available immediately. For in-support SynthEyes customers, the latest version comes at no extra cost. Upgrade or renewal pricing for earlier SynthEyes customers varies depending on the details. Customers should use the online store to determine specific upgrade pricing for all versions.

New licenses of SynthEyes Pro cost 499 USD. The cross-platform Pro license runs 599 USD. Floating Pro licenses are 699 USD each; there is a one-time per-site license manager/setup charge of 250 USD for floating licenses. 

For students and hobbyists, an entry-level Introductory version ( is 299 USD. Purchasing is online or via listed resellers.

A one-year site license for qualifying educational institutions is 495 USD ( 

Contact the company with particulars for information on volume licenses for student computers.

Some special licensing arrangements are in place for both COVID-19 work-at-home and educational licensees.

About Andersson Technologies. 

Andersson Technologies LLC is a boutique software firm located outside Philadelphia near King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, and run by computer vision and robotics expert Dr. Russell Andersson. SynthEyes has been solving the toughest problems for visual effects professionals for 15 years, with customers in 90 countries.