A Free, Faster, More Interactive Wedge Tool for Maya

Maya’s Modeling Toolkit was a much needed addition to Maya modelers. With all its new tools and workflow, it felt like coming in out of the cold. Since then that time, there has been quite a few refinements to the modeling tools. While some tools could use a little love, like the wedge tool.

Certainly Klaudio Ladavac has thought so, because he has made and released a new wedge tool for free. Klaudio’s Wedge Tool 1.0 represents an expansion on Maya’s native Wedge. The difference is that it is faster, and more interactive. Klaudio’s Wedge lets you easily adjust the size of the wedge arc and offers a few more features.

This isn’t the first time that Klaudio has built upon Maya’s internal modeling toolset to make them better. He has released a mirror tool, measure tool, and a tool that allows for color markers  in the Outliner.

The script supports Maya 2016 to Maya 2017 plus. The script does use expressions, which means that Maya LT is not supported. Get the Wedge Tool here.