C4D Foundational Modeling: Creating a Carabiner Clip

Want to be a better modeler? A great way to level up your skills is to just model a simple everyday object, every day. Seemingly simple things such as a USB thumb drive, a pencil, a key, look like they would be easy to model, yet they pose some nice challenges. They will also provide an opportunity to develop modeling plans through critical thinking. A nice example of this is modeling a carabiner clip.

There are plenty of ways to get the basic shape for such an object. Which is best? The one that is the takes the least amount of time and still delivers a good result. Watch 3D Artist Michael Balchaitis walk through creating a Carabiner Clip using some unlikely tools in C4D. Bevels, quantize, extruding, sub-d and snapping are all on board for this modeling session.

It all starts with the Poly Pen first. The poly pen in C4D is an easy tool to start all kinds of geometry. It can be a great avenue for hard surface modeling too.