Model and Animate a Tiny Forklift With Cinema 4D

Eli Prenten Demo’s Modeling and Animating a Little Forklift Truck in Cinema 4D Covering Some Fundamental Modeling and Rendering Techniques

Mobox’s Eli Prenten offers an in-depth look at creating a short animation of a forklift in Cinema 4D. The tutorial covers all aspects of the project including modeling, applying materials, setting up a basic rig, lighting and rendering.

If you are just getting started with Cinema 4D, there is no better way to familiarize yourself with the entire process than building through modeling, rigging, animating and rendering a project from start to finish. Smaller projects like creating a simple forklift animation offer an explanation of a wide range of techniques within the context of a focused scope. A Great way to dive in.

Mobox regularly puts out helpful tutorials. Check the Mobox Youtube Channel for find more. You may want to consider supporting Mobox to create more tutorial content if you enjoy them. The company has a Patreon that aims for a standard of 3 videos per week.