Cosmos Command Launcher for Maya is Finally Here

A command line type of “search and launch” for application specific tools can be a fast way to access everything. This type-and-do way of working has become quite popular for a lot of applications, from After Effects to Max, to C4D. Autodesk Maya has some great ways to access items, through shelves and marking menus, but sometimes that is not enough. IT can still be quite difficult to find something in the pile of scripts and tools that you have amassed over the years.

A search engine inside Maya for all its tools and your own Scripts.

Executing Things Fast

Maya is flexible enough that you can “roll your own” solutions with MEL or Python: But what if you are short on time or not as well versed in the dark scripting arts? Don’t worry, there is a new tool from Martin Gunnarsson that looks pretty cool. It’s called Cosmos, because it gives you immediate access to everything in Maya, including your scripts, with a simple command line style type and search interface.

Cosmos Search and Launch

Martin has been working diligently for over a year on the tool, and it’s finally ready for release. Cosmos is a pop up that you can type into to find and select any Maya tool or script. You can add your own favorite actions to the list, and really save time by having everything at your fingertips in an intelligent way. An “Action” is a way to successively do several things with one command.

Cosmos looks really slick and well thought out. It comes with a toolkit of existing actions to speed up your workflow. Handy commands such as “Align to Middle object,” “Transfer shaders,” “Offset animation” and others get you started, but you can easily add your own.

Availability and Pricing

Cosmos is available today, under a “pay what you like” model. Visit the page for Cosmos for Maya for more information, documentation and download.