Keen Tools FaceBuilder Creates 3D Models From Photos in Nuke

If you work in Nuke and haven’t heard of Keen Tools GeoTracker, you should definitely take a look. GeoTracker is a system that lets you do model-based object and camera tracking in Nuke. The tool lets you reshape and modify model geometry so you can fit it to the plate you are working with. A new tool, FaceBuilder works on some of those principles.

FaceBuilder is a very fast and easy to use tool for building 3D models of human’s face or head based on just a few photos.

Now, the “reshaping” idea has been extended into a new tool called FaceBuilder. While still in beta, FaceBuilder looks to be a really fast and accurate way to build 3D models for human heads in Nuke. Using photos as reference, you can easily shape a base 3D head model to match the photography. More images from different views will give a better representation as you easily push and pull the model as if it were clay.

FaceBuilder is part of the Keen Tools bundle that also offers GeoTracker, PinTool and ReadRiggedGeo. The Keen Tools suite is available for all platforms and all Nuke versions (since 8.0). Visit KeenTools for more information.