GeoTracker Object and Camera Tracker Released for Nuke

The first object tracking solution from directly within Nuke has been polished up and is now available. GeoTracker is a model-based object and tracking plugin that offers accurate object tracking without ever leaving Nuke.

GeoTracker is designed to fill the gap in Nuke’s functionality and provide fast and reliable object tracker right in the compositing software

GeoTracker started as an in-house tool for Roman Belov. After evaluating other choices for Nuke, Roman needed something that was more stable, easier to use and more user friendly. Being able to track objects completely within Nuke is a great time-saver. No longer will you need to import and export assets and data for every little change.

Keen Tools’ GeoTracker has all the features you might be accustom to from other geometry tracking solutions: Surface masking, user tracks, estimation of camera focal length, and more. GeoTracker looks and feels like a native Nuke node, designed to fill the missing space with Nuke’s functionality. It feels like a tool that is built for compositors, by compositors.

“We are really proud that our tool is already battle-proven and has been used by many well-known big studios working on big projects such as Pirates 5 or Game of Thrones.” Roman mentions. Since its inception and beta cycle, The Keen Tools team says, “Thousands of users have given it a try, and what is especially important for us, submitted us their feedback and suggestions.”

GeoTracker is multi-platform and inexpensive too. It runs under Windows, Linux and MacOS systems, and has affordable commercial, floating and personal licensing options. Visit KeenTools for more information.