New Plexus 3 Release Focuses on Performance, Features

Rowbyte rolled out a new version for its next generation particle system for After Effects, Plexus 3. Nearly 11 months ago we were teased with some up and coming features for Plexus, noting some significant changes.

Plexus 3 UI Addition

Plexus 3 adds a new object based UI. The new panel set out to help you with organizing multiple Plexus objects within a layer. It improves workflow dramatically, letting you easily keep track of geometry objects, effector objects, render objects and groups. No more of what seemed to feel like “endless scrolling” through a super-long effects controls window.

Motion Blur

Also new to the plugin is motion blur. You can add motion blur to your plexus animations, using the comp settings or custom camera values.

Designed for Ae’s New Architecture

Plexus 3 has had a complete rewrite to take better advantage of After Effects’ multithreaded architecture that was introduced back in version 13.5. This means that the plugin now has better support for Ae’s Persistent Caching, better performance and the best part… “automagically” refresh Instances. You can now use lots of nested instances because all of the changes will be automatically detected.

Feature at a glance:

  • Object Based UI
  • Depth Map Culling
  • Motion Blur
  • Sound Effector
  • Better Null Object Performance
  • New Slicer Object
  • Path Object Improvements
  • Seamless Beams
  • New Custom Visibility Settings
  • Improved OBJ Import
  • Unified Rendering
  • Nested Compositions
  • Loop Noise

Learn more about what’s new with Plexus 3, or buy it for $249.00. Special upgrade pricing is available for registered users.