Plexus has been a mainstay in the motion graphics community since its initial release five years ago. Since then the Plexus-Style has been a popular look to recreate and mimic in other applications. Now, Rowbyte inc, has posted a look ahead into what is on store for Plexus 3, for After Effects.

New Panel

Plexus 3 looks to improve on an already popular plugin. Most notably, plexus 3 will sport a new tree-based object panel, that is intended to help you organize multiple Plexus objects within a layer. That feature alone, should improve workflow dramatically.

Motion Blur, Sound Effector

Finally in Plexus 3, motion blur is possible along with DOF. You should be able to add motion blur through the comp settings or through custom shutter values. Unclear how such a premium priced plugin waited 5 years for that feature, but consider the host application it was being written for. A new sound effector makes its debut, letting you sample an audio clip and apply it to vertex position, scale or color.

New Slicer Object

Also of note is a slicer, that lets you create interesting visuals by slicing through a 3D object.

Most Important

Probably the most significant feature is that fact that Plexus 3 was designed from the ground up with After Effects’ new multi-threaded architecture in mind. This means better persistent caching, and performance, and best of all, automatic refresh instances. You should be able to have as many nested instances as you like, and everything will be automatically detected.

You should check out the other features in store for Plexus 3 that were not listed, by visiting Rowbyte.