Make You Own Plexus Effect in After Effects

Workbench Posts a Look at Creating a Plexus Effect in After Effects Using Only Ae Tools

The Plexus plugin or After Effects is one that lets users create, manipulate and visualize data procedurally. It enables you to create a relationship between particles and parameters. It also is pretty pricey. If you don’t have a lot of money to shell-out for next-generation particle systems, you can create your own plexus effect.

Workbench’s Joe Clay shows how you can create this slimmed-down plexus effect in After Effects using only Ae available tools. The result is mostly, a plexus “lite” effect, meaning it’s not as flexible or robust as actually using the plugin.

yet, if you need to create some nice-looking repeating backgrounds, this is a great way to approach it. “you can watch this tutorial to make a nice repeating background with some of that Plexus flavor and none of the calories.” Joe Clay says. Download the project file for this tutorial at here.