You can easily stabilize your VR footage using Imagineer Systems’ Mocha VR.

Stabilizing footage can be a stylistic choice, purely for aesthetics. That is certainly true for the flat screens of monitors, televisions and devices. With 360 footage though, stabilization becomes almost a requirement. You don’t want your viewers getting sick by vertigo by watching jittery 360 footage. So stabilization becomes almost more important.

You do need specialized tools for working with VR and 360 footage. SynthEyes, Skybox and Mocha all can handle those tasks. MochaVR is based on imagineer’s planar tracking, but also brings its object removal, masking, and rotoscoping tools to VR work.

Offering a look at what the stabilization workflow looks like within Mocha VR is Mocha Product Manager Martin Brennand. Martin works with the After Effects plugin, but the techniques will apply to all versions of Mocha VR.