Ever wanted to create a ground cracking effect with live action footage? Little projects like this can be a great way to learn the fundamentals of tracking and compositing with Mocha and After Effects respectively.

Watch ActionVFX’s Lendon Bracewell as he shows how you can composite some of the ActionVFX Ground Crack Elements into a shot. The tutorial covers tracking with Mocha, and a great example of how flexible planar tracking with mocha can be for visual effects shots.

The Ground Crack Elements is a collection of 16 ground cracking effects from ActionVFX that spread out while staying completely in the frame. There looks to be some great ones in there, and they come in both 2K and 4K resolution.

Visit ActionVFX for the background plate footage used in the tutorial, and an exclusive discount that will get you 25% off Mocha Pro 5. I’ve recently upgraded from an older version of Mocha Pro, and the differences in speed are pretty significant. The latest versions of Mocha Pro / Mocha VR will save users a lot of time.