Daniel Caleb Smith walks through the process of creating a ground cracking and breaking up effect using Cinema 4D, and finishing the project by compositing the breaking effect simulation in After Effects to a live footage plate.

In this tutorial we will learn how to properly create a good workflow between After Effects and Cinema 4D. In the process we are going to take a look at how to create your own custom ground cracking overlays for compositing

Daniel starts by matching the scene to the shot in Cinema 4D and creates basic stand-in geometry that will take the cracking simulation using the Cinema 4D Thrausi plugin from Nitro4D. Daniel also shows how to render out some basic passes out of Cinema 4D for compositing in After Effects, where there is some post-motion blur added. Check out the tutorial for Create A Ground Breaking Pavement Crack Simulation in Cinema 4d and After Effects here.


  1. Thank you. Great to watch you work through the process. very helpful.

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