Methods for Using and Taming Boolean Subtractions in C4D

“Don’t use a booleans.” That line has been spoken around as direction from the modeling elders for quite a long time. It’s not necessarily true these days. Booleans are fine to use, if in fact, if you know how to use them. There will be times when you can select two objects, and hit a button and leave it. Other times, you might find that it will require much more work in clean up and re-routing edges. It’s something that really depends on the project. Boolean subtractions can be quite useful.

Hitting this point home, is Konstantin Magnus, who posts what is practically a masterclass into using and managing boolean subtractions within a Cinema 4D modeling workflow. Mangnus walks through a brief introduction for the standard subtraction operation, and then looks at how you can detect and avoid issue that will inevitable come up when using booleans in your work.

Konstantin also has a look at methods for creating corrections that look like they use booleans, but actually don’t. There is a nice look at creating a boolean effect, using spline masks, and finally subdividing boolean objects, using Xpresso to manage the output. Great!