Download a Handy Light Kit for C4D & Octane

Download a Handy Light Kit for C4D & Octane

Daniel Mozbäuchel (iDani) is a Freelance CGI 3D-Artist and Generalist who often shares assets, project files and tools for Cinema 4D. His latest is a handy Light Kit for Cinema 4D Octane users. His Octane Light Kit is a simple and easy to use light setup for Octane. The kit has area and shape lights, spotlights (with in view visualization), sun and HDR sky lights. The kit also features a seamless floor.

The lighting setup has all the light attributes in one convenient place. With it, you are able to move lights, set targets for the lights, and set the specular controls.

The Light Kit Features:

  • Supports all lights (Area/Shape, Spot- and Sunlight, HdriSky, Seamless Floor) with simple settings (all settings in one tab)
  • Use the Cinema Light placement tool for moving lights, specular or targeting lights
  • Solo or Un-solo all 4dm lights with a button
  • Lights are preconfigured with all settings (also texture projections)
  • Copy lights easily, with same controls.
  • You don´t have to use the Content Browser to put light in the scene. There are scripts for each Light that you can use to integrate them into your Layout.
  • Seamless floor setup
  • Spotlight with Gobo support and some Gobo textures are included
  • HdriSky with preview sphere

You can find the Octane Light kit here. Why not kick a few bucks Daniel’s way!