Fold Paper Into a Paper Airplane With Houdini

Side FX Houdini is loved by 3D Artists and Technical Directors alike, being one big sandbox with an infinite number of possibilities. Just have a look at an example of how deep the sandbox premise goes in Houdini. Houdini is chock-full of operators and solvers that can be used for some pretty impressive things. Lets say you wanted to fold paper into a paper airplane for example. You can do that!

Frank Engen is a 3D Artist and Compositor at Mainframe, whose latest post shows how you can fold paper to an airplane by using Houdini’s Cloth Solver. I have come across a lot of rigs that allow you to in essence “fake” a paper fold, but this is different. This isn’t so much an animation rig as it is a full-on cloth simulation that is set to fold paper as if it were, well… folding paper! Pretty fun stuff here.

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  1. Malk

    Nice techniques, but the tutorial isn’t great itself. I appreciate the sharing of knowledge, but the operator is mumbling most of the time, making as many mistakes as correct moves along the way, and never giving any real notion of where things are heading.
    Basic tenet of teaching: tell your students what you are going to do, then do it, then tell them what you’ve done.

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