How to Create Grainy Gradients in Ae Using Effects

Motion design is one of those visual mediums that seems to work off of trends. You can measure era’s in motion graphics by looking back. There was a time when everything had to grow onto the screen, a time when millions of iterative 3D components magically moved with rhythm, which eventually gave way to a time of isle shapes and flat solid color. More recently, the trend has come for the grainy gradients effect. How is this done?

Grainy Gradients cannot be more popular…

In After Effects, there are more than a few ways to create the effect. You can create the visually interesting grainy gradients using layer styles or make use of some never-used blending modes in dissolve and dancing dissolve. There are also ways that you can create that stylistic grainy look using purely effects.

Evan Abrams walks us through that process, showing how you can make the popular grainy gradients effect using some commonly used effects in After Effects. It’s easy to do and still pretty flexible.