A Quick Tip for Tearing FEM Cloth in Houdini

Marc Albrecht Shows the Two Mouse Clicks That You Need to Get FEM Cloth Objects to Tear in Side FX Houdini

Some people have a real hard time making cloth tear in Houdini. So VFX Marc Albrecht made this fantastic quick-tip that shows how easy it can be. It’s “Technically quite simple, yet some people seem to experience problems in setting this up” Albrecht says. There are only 2 basic mouse clicks that you need to make FEM based cloth tear.

Albrecht points out that although there are only 2 clicks involved, there is much more work needed in order to make the FEM based cloth look good within the simulation. Albrecht should know — He was responsible for the character cloth simulations for the film “Troll Bridge”. Albrecht even demonstrated some of the pipeline techniques that he used for the film, showing How To Use Animated Geometry for a Cloth Simulation.

Albrecht mentions in the video that he is creating an entire workshop around Houdini cloth simulation — Stay tuned for that!