Jake Clark Goes Behind The Scenes of Cuphead’s Animation Process

Animator Jake Clark explains design and animation process behind Cuphead, and shares lots of practical tips for 2D Animation.

People seem to be clamoring for Cuphead, an old-school style game that merges a classic side-scroller game with classic animation. Not only does Cuphead’s animation look like it is directly from the 1930s and 40’s, it was pretty much created that way too. Have a look at its animation process.

Cuphead’s animation team forewent the modern-day workflows, for a more traditional animation approach to achieve the right look. This is what Jakes look behind the processes of Cuphead’s unique 2d animation style.

A recent posting from the 2017 GDC bootcamp, Studio MDHR’s Jake Clark explains some of his design intentions for the game, and covers a look into the animation process behind one of the characters — Some really amazing stuff here!