How to Create Your Own Mari Gizmos

Peter Aversten Shows How You Can Create Your Own Mari Gizmos From Scratch

Mari, like another Foundry tool Nuke, gives users the ability to customize workflows using a concept called Gizmos. A Mari Gizmo is not too dissimilar to its Nuke counterpart. With it, you can essentially group a mess of nodes together, and expose selective parameters from that group to make it really easy to work with. Peter says: “A Gizmo in Mari is a way to package a number of nodes into a super tool. You basically group the nodes and expose the parameters you want the use to be able to control.”

Group nodes in Mari can be published as Gizmos. Mari Gizmos can become essential for workflow, and they also have the added benefit of letting you share parts of your node tree with other artists.

Watch Peter Aversten’s 5 minute tutorial as he covers how you can make your own Mari Gizmos.