C4D SpiderWeb Generator Lets You Create Webs Easily

Valkaari Updates his Spiderweb Preset for C4D Into A Full Plugin

A generator for cinema 4D to create spider webs very easily and quickly.

Manuel Magalhaes (known as Valkaari) updates and releases a new version of Spiderweb. It is now a full-fledged plugging for Cinema 4D. Spiderweb C4D lets you create and render webs quickly and easily.

The new version includes a new raycast option that you can use with primitives. The on-screen gizmo lets you control the radius of the sphere that defines the raycast area. The spider web generator lets you use Nulls in the scene to define the anchored points of the web. Just add those object as children of the generator in the correct order.

Rendering the webs is as easy as using C4D’s hair module. Adding a hair tag on the generator allows you to render it quickly. Alternatively, you have the option of sweeping the curves into geometry and rendering that.

Spiderweb C4D is Compatible With C4D Versions R15 to R18  (hair render is a plus for rendering splines), and is available on aescripts + aeplugins.