AEInfoGraphics Updates With Powerful New Preview Feature

Cihan Balunak updates AEInfoGraphics, the tool for after effects that lets you create animated infographics and charts from spreadsheet data.

AEInfoGraphics 2 adds a new preview feature that lets you see your final output before actually committing to it. This will come in handy for users that like to experiment with the data to see which version will be best.

The After Effects infographics tool also adds the ability to work with multiple data sets. Now you can have support for more than one state set for certain types of charts. For example, you will be able to compare twi sets of data in a single chart.

InfoGraphics 2 also includes new features to better control timing of the animation and durations, labeling, and some refinements to the save options.

Find out more about AEInfoGraphics 2, special upgrade pricing and features here.