See What’s New With the Latest Mari

Foundry rolls out a new version of its premier 3D Painting software, focusing on performance enhancements and workflow improvements.

Mari 3.3 brings a number of performance gains in a number of areas. The 3D painting app has changed the way that it handles shader recompilation. In earlier versions, changing settings, adding procedurals, and other common tasks would break from the workflow by interrupting Mari. The latest version significantly reduces the amount of time artists will need to wait in between operations. Speed enhancement in the update is also carried out through to Colorspace Bake and Optimized Texture Management. Colorspace transformations can now be run on the GPU for significantly faster exporting

Also of note is a new marquee lift action. This lets you move previously baked paint from an object, back into the paint buffer. This will give artist more flexibility when painting.

Version 3.3 also brings in a new subscription model in addition to the perpetual licenses. You can now get Mari as an individual subscription for $599.00 a year, or $59.00 Monthly. With the new subscription model you’ll be able to download the latest version and the other releases this year. This includes the next update with the redesigned Mari UI and all maintenance releases.