Diopter for After Effects Easily Builds Creative Optical Effects

I’m sure you have come across a stylish blurry effect in a film and wondered how that can be replicated with After Effects. Now there is a single plugin that will let you experiment with lens effects such as blur, shape and light.

Diopter is a new tool for After Effects that offers a one-stop shop for lens-based optical effects as a native Ae plugin.

With it, you can choose a built-in type for your lens shape, or create a custom one. You can then apply many different effects to the lens. This includes effects like fast blur, realistic blur, directional blur, trail, optical distortion, brightness, color, chromatic aberration, that are all built-in to the plugin.

You can control the overall intensity of the effect, and also apply it to a layer with a blend mode. Diopter offers a simple and fast way to apply some really nice looking lens effects to your footage without having to stack a load of standard effects in Ae.

Created by Remi Monedi, he explains a little behind how Diopter came to be: “It all started with some shots seen in TV shows like True Detective (opening credits) or Vikings (dream sequence). These different optical effects, which both distort, transform, alter the depth of field, light and composition of the frame, interested me.”

“It was like finding a new playground, a new experimental field. Beyond the aesthetic characteristics, with very little, it was possible to bring a new level of meaning into the picture.

And since I come from the post production field, I thought why not try to reproduce it digitally? I did some tests on After Effects and boom, Diopter was born.” Remi continued.

You can find Diopter 50% off until August 18, 2017, for $19.99.