Mari Extension Pack Updates With Shader Presets & More

Mari Extension Pack 4: Patch 4 Adds New Features Including Shader Presets, Multi-Rename Updates, and More

Mari Extension pack, the industry standard plugin suite for the Foundry’s 3D paint package, recently updated to patch 4. The update brings some new features as well, including Shader Presets, Multi Rename Updates, Smart Renaming, Checker Node and a new Grey Constant.

Jens Kafitz takes us through the new features in patch 4, running through how to save shader presets. It’s a great way to save out and restore entire shaders within a project or between projects in Mari, standardizing your workflow.

MARI Extension Pack 4 is available now for €35 for a single license, or €250 for an unlimited seat site license. Visit the release notes for a complete list of features.