Easily Remove Seams from Clones Using Connect Object

Sam Winter Serves a Quick Tip for Easily Removing Seams From Clones in Cinema 4D Using Connect Object

Digital Meat’s Sam Winter demonstrates a super quick way to remove unwanted seams from clones in your scene, simply by using a Connect Object.

how we can remove seams from clones that we are trying to fit together.

A Mograph Cloner is a great way to start something new in Cinema 4D. Perhaps you are finding that carefully placing clones together might leave an unwanted seam. The Connect Object in Cinema 4D was specially made for just this task.

Like the naming would suggest, a Connect Object in C4D connects object points for any number of individual objets. It does this based on a defined tolerance, and it can even weld them together.

The process is pretty simple, just group all the objects that you want connected into a single child objects, and make that a child of the Connect. When using a cloner, just drop the cloner inside of the Connect, and presto!