New Houdini Course Covers Terrain Building in Houdini

VFX Artist and Houdini trainer, Rohan Dalvi has launched a new Houdini course that covers terrain building with Side FX’s popular procedural 3D tool.

The Terrain Building course covers working with Houdini’s new height field tools that were introduced in Houdini 16. The course is composed of 5 projects that cover a wide range of techniques to create a variety of terrain systems. The last chapter covers how to build procedural shaders to render the terrains created. That is available for a variety of renderers including Redshift, Mantra, Arnold and Octane.

“Through these projects we’ll cover the various height field tools such as Noise, Patter, Mask by feature, using objects to modify terrains and also using the height wrangle tool to better control the Flow and debris fields.” Rohan says.

Visit the page for Terrain Building in Houdini to learn more.