How To Make a Broken Glass Pattern With Voronoi Fracture in Houdini

Learn How To Make a Broken Glass Look by Using Voronoi Fracture in Side FX Houdini

Houdini Artist Sohey, walks through managing Houdini’s Voronoi Fracture to achieve a broken glass pattern, rather than the standard cell patterned fair that is typically associated with the node.

Shattered Glass has a few different patterns that it can display, all of them are very distinct. Voronoi cells also have a distinct fracture pattern, that can be very different from the look of broken glass in real life. Working the fracture node into something that look more like shattered glass takes a few transforms adding scale.

From there, it is a matter of getting that distinct impact point for the glass shatter, and the familiar looking radial pattern. Pretty convincing result in the end!