Working With MASH and Maya Particles

Maximilian Schonherr Walks Through Driving MASH networks with Maya Particles, Easily Creating Fascinating Animations

Like most higher-end DCC’s, one of the best things about Maya is the ability to mix and match elements to suit your workflow. Take MASH for example. Maya’s motion graphics toolkit can incorporate instances, rigid and soft body dynamics, fields, maps, deformers, fluids and particles.

Demonstrating how you can work with both MASH and nParticles in Maya, is 3D artist Maximilian Schonherr who walks us through some of the things you can do by combining both those Maya elements. Schonherr shows how you add color to the particles, make them into polygon objects, resize them, add fields, and drive the MASH network by nParticles. It’s a great way to get some fascinating abstract-like animations in Maya. It doesn’t Hirt that the particle animations render out in almost real-time.