Mixing C4D Daylight and Atmospheric Effects in the Same Render

MotionSquared Demos a Little Trick That Can Give You the Best of Both Daylight and Atmospheric Effects in One Render With C4D

A large part of look development is testing and experimenting with variances of textures, lighting and effects, like atmosphere. In the case of Don Mupasi (MotionSquared) creating a certain scene, he found that the daylight render looked much better than the one that had atmospheric effects.

Of course it is pretty easy to get exactly what you want through the art of compositing. Simply render both versions and composite the best attributes from each. Still, if you are not too familiar with fundamentals of compositing, or want to achieve as much as possible “in render” — then Mupasi poses an interesting technique.

Don’s technique is almost an “in-scene” composite that takes place at render time. One daylight render is projected back on to the model, bringing all the great lighting effects of a daylight rig. This lets him also add atmospheric effects to the render, without having the haze and fog mess with the lighting that he wanted.