How to Emit From Collisions With MASH & Control Them With Contact Masks

Ian Waters Shows How You Can Emit From Collisions in a Dynamic MASH Network

Maya’s motion graphics toolkit now has the ability to use Bullet Dynamics within a MASH network. A new Dynamic Node lets you add dynamic effects to lots of objects, with plenty of ways to control what is happening. With the latest release of Maya 2018.1, you can now emit from collisions, and control the new geometry using Contact Masks.

Setting up a scenario where particles can be emitted from a collision is pretty easy within a MASH network. MASH allows you to take the newly emitted points and create another network from them. This means that you can replace the emit from collision points, with new instanced geometry. The issue becomes a recursive one, where those collisions will also emit new particles.

Ian shows how this can be easily handled using the new contact masks with dynamics. This can prevent the dynamic simulation from going too overboard. Contact Masks essentially allow you to selectively control what will collide with what —A nice addition.