Free Substance Painter to Maya Arnold 5 Script

Mostafa Samir’s Free Substance Painter to Maya Script Gets an Update For Arnold 5

If you work with both Substance Painter and Maya, you know what an effort it can be to bring in all the materials and corresponding maps into a Maya shading network with Arnold 5. You could easily be left with adding hundred of texture nodes.

Thanks to Mostafa Samir, the process became somewhat automated with his Substance Painter Importer script for Maya. That was a tool that could load textures and material parameters from Substance Painter right in Maya. It also supports multiple materials and UDIM work flow.

Recently the script got an update from a Highend3D user, teddude75. The update made it work with Maya 2018 and Arnold 5 presets. “This is set up the same way as the older version. You must have the following naming format. object_shaderGroup_Diffuse(shader channel).” teddude75 says. “If it’s a FBX file in Substance then it will export texture with the shader name”.

The script is still free, so be sure to check out the Free Substance Painter to Arnold 5 for Maya tool here.