New Tool Offers an Amazing Workflow for Ae Camera Mapping

New Tool for Adobe After Effects That Advances Camera Mapping and Photo Parallax Animation is a One-Stop-Shop

Need to bring photo’s to life? Animating a 2D image in a partially 3D world involves projecting an image on to simple 3D objects. Called camera mapping, or camera projection, it’s a pretty simple thing to do in any application —After Effects is no exception, simple. Camera mapping in Ae is easy, but it isn’t really practical for a number of reasons.

Advanced tool for camera projection mapping and photo parallax animation in After Effects

This is why there are so many third party tools out there that can help with the After Effects camera mapping workflow.

New on the scene is Projection 3D, and it looks pretty great. Created by NataWorkStudio, the same people that brought you the amazing Advanced Mask Editor for After Effects, Projection 3D looks just as powerful.

The Ae script lets you create real 3D projections in After Effects with all the tools you need for creating the effect. It offers users the ability to extrude masks and create complex surfaces using masks in Ae. This includes revolve and bend tools. Revolve will let you create a cylindrical surface. Creating custom objects can be tedious, so Projection 3D offers a suite of 8 3D primitives that you can use. If that weren’t enough, you can import any OBJ file, and use that too.

You can find out more about Ae’s new camera mapping tool Projection 3D here.