Procedural Shading Techniques With Arnold 5

Arvid Schneider Shows Us How to Set Up an Organized Procedural Shading Network in Maya With Arnold 5

ILM Lighting TD Arvid Schneider covers working with Solid Angle’s Arnold from his Youtube Channel, with lots of tutorials and live streams. If you haven’t had a chance to, I suggest that you check it out. His latest offers some insights into procedural shading techniques when working with Arnold 5.

This tutorial is almost works as an update to an older one covering the same topics. The difference is that Arnold 5 now supports shader closures. When procedural shading was covered using Arnold 4, Arvid relied heavily on alShaders. With Arnold 5 Shader Closures, you are able to mix shaders together without much issue.

“First I will create 3 different shaders, with different noises to add more detail. After that, different mix masks will be created to mix the several shaders together to get the final result.” Arvid says.

Arvid has also started a Slack group called lightshader where you can go and chat and ask questions about 3D shading, Maya, and Arnold — Check it out here.