Paul Slemmer Offers a Free Tapered Beam Preset for After Effects

Free Tapered Beam Preset for After Effects

Light Beam is An Intuitive Tapered Beam Preset for After Effects

With After Effects’ latest feature for connecting elements to individual points in a path, we are seeing a new world of tools as a result. One of the latest comes from Motion Designer Paul Slemmer. Light Beam is a super-easy way to get a tapered beam in After Effects.

“It’s one of those things that comes up strangely often… You need to connect two points with a rounded shape enclosing two circles.” Slemmer says. “It’s a graphically clean shape, but one that can be really hard to animate in 2D. Light Beam is a shape layer preset for After Effects CC 2018 that makes the job simple.”

The tapered beam from Light Beam is easy to style how you like, completely trim-capable, is perspective aware. It can even be reversed onto itself to create a figure 8 shape.

Light Beam is a free to download preset for After Effects, learn more here.

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