Maya Space Switch Tool Has an Amazingly Friendly Workflow

Riham Toulan’s New Space Switch Tool for Maya Offers a User Friendly Workflow for Both Animators and Rigging Artists Alike

Technical Animator at Dice AE in Stockholm, Riham Toulan has a new space switch tool available and it looks like it’s an elegant and easy tool for both animators and riggers to use.

Character animation and space switching go hand-in-hand. Being able to switch spaces while maintaining an object’s position is crucial when a character needs to handle props, interact with the environment, or even other parts of the same character.

Some space switching tools can be a UI and UX mess. This doesn’t seem to be the case with Toulan’s Space Switching Tool. It was designed to create a reliable space switching set up that also uses a selection based marking menu to switch between spaces. Of course it can do this while keeping the objects position in tact.

The tool provides a very flexible design that would easily allow the user to edit, add, remove and bake created spaces. “I made this tool so it is both animator and riggers friendly” Toulan says. “The UI is pretty interactive and the requirements for creating the setup are minimal. When adding a new space the tool guides the user by loading the previous made setup info to the tool.”

Space Switch Tool is $27 for a basic license, or $150 for a commercial license. Learn more about Space Switch Tool here.